Let’s Kickstart This Thing! – Episode 2 – The Initial Prototype

Let's Kickstart This Thing! is a series of 5-minute videos in which I attempt to detail all the steps involved in bringing a board game from prototype to production via Kickstarter.

In this episode I discuss the basics of building your initial board game prototype as well as some of the materials you will need.

Do-It-Yourself Game Pieces

  • Foam Board – for quickly making custom tokens
  • X-ACTO Knife – easily cuts paper, foam board, cardboard, etc.
  • Pacific Arc Cutting Mat – save your table, cut on this instead
  • Aluminum Ruler – allows you to cut straight lines with your X-ACTO knife
  • Glossy Sticker Paper – full sheet sticker paper – print on it and then stick it on foam board or chip board to make higher-quality looking tokens
  • Plain Cards – seller of perforated printable card sheets

Manufactured Game Pieces

Reading Material

Open Source (Free) Graphics Software

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